Rules and Regulations of Miss International Princess 2020:

29 November 2020, ROODEPOORT THEATRE

  • This competition is open to girls of any race, creed or culture of the age of 3 and up. Age as on 24 June 2020.

  • This event is independent from Talent Africa Nationals, only contestants that have participated in IPP RSA will be allowed to participate at IPP USA, please note that Talent Africa is only the host, make use of the IPP bank account for payments

  • Age categories are as follows: Miss Tiny 3 – 5, Little Miss 6 – 9, Miss Junior International Princess 10 – 12, Miss International Princess 13-17 and Miss International Princess Senior 18+.

  • A non-refundable entry fee of R500.00 is required and proof of payment must accompany this entry.

  • Entry fee to be paid directly into the bank account as stated below.

  • All rules and regulations need to be complied with, in order to avoid disqualification.

  • Closing date is 25 November 2020.


  • Finalists must be available on 29 November 2020 for the final gala event in ROODEPOORT.

  • Under no circumstances will any refunds be made.

  • The judge’s decision is final; no correspondence will be entered into.

  • No communication with judges, before, during or after the competition will be tolerated. No parents or spectators will be permitted to interfere on any level.

  • Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

  • All contestants will be judged on the following:
    One casual walk in a blue denim and a plain black shirt / t shirt ( NO VESTS )
    Introduction on stage (in either English or Afrikaans) in jeans and black shirt
    One walk in Evening wear of own choice, this should be age appropriate. No limit to colour, design or beadwork, remember though less is more!

  • Each contestant will receive a participation certificate, top 5 in each age category will qualify to represent SA at the Miss International Princess Pageant held annually in USA in June / July. Top 3 will be awarded sashes, tiaras and trophies, per age category. Dependant on entries Overall Grand Supreme Winner will receive an air plane ticket USA to participate in the International Princess Pageant in 2021. The Overall Grand Supreme winner is age independent and will be the contestant with the overall highest score. If there are not enough entries this prize is subject to change.

  • No make-up will be allowed under 12 years, only lip gloss, we are looking for a natural young girl.

  • The winners are NOT prohibited from participating in other pageants; winners are welcome to compete in any other pageants of their choice during their reign.

1. The contestant will be subject to a R500.00 entry fee. Closing date is 18 March 2020
2. Finalists must be available on 29 November 2020 for the final gala event in ROODEPOORT.
3. Prizes are not redeemable or transferable for cash.
4. If a contestant withdraws from event 7 days prior to event, the contestant will be responsible for all costs already paid towards contestant for final event.
5. The decision of the judges is final.
6. Entry fees are non-refundable, once payments have been made we cannot refund your costs in any event.
7. The TM Miss International Princess is the property of Slap Productions, any infringement on this event will have legal consequences and the entities involved will be liable.